fn.gg/raf, Get Free Xander Skin

fn.gg/raf Referafriend.fortnite.com – introduces the new Friendship Program at the latest event in the game Fortnite. We’re talking referafriend.fortnite.com or fn.gg/raf here, so follow along knowing you can complete challenges and win prizes in the form of exclusive her Xander skins.

What is fn.gg/raf Referafriend.fortnite.com?

Epic Games is proud to announce our newest event fn.gg/raf, starting today January 10th and ending February 11th, 2022. During this period, you can participate by participating in this event and completing a special challenge with your friends.mThis allows you to win special prizes in the games you play.

At Epic Games, at fn event fn.gg/raf Fortnite, join the referafriend.fortnite.com event and play Fortnite together for approximately 120 minutes in core mode, which is Fortnite Battle Royale, 5 friends should be added. Visit the referafriend.fortnite.com page and information about the new event referafriend.fortnite in July 2022.

You and your friends must complete in-game missions together with your friends and work together to win special prizes in Fortnite games. If you are at referafriend.fortnite.com or fn. gg/referafriend events explains how to participate in referafriend.fortnite.com events.

How to Register Refer a Friend Fortnite

Registering for an account at the event fn.gg/raf is easy.

  1. First go to https://www.referafriend.fortnite.com website and press the “Sign in” button.
  2. Then sign into your Fortnite account and sign in using PlayStation Network.
  3. You will then be presented with a guide page to participate in the fortnite fn.gg/raf event and the missions and tasks you will need to complete.
  4. One of them is that Fortnite games require you to connect with your playmates so that you can perform the necessary tasks to earn prizes in no time.

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Get Free Xander Skin

Missions must be completed in the fn.gg/raf event. That is, by connecting that reward loading screen. Then you must play 1 game with the referee to win the spray prize.

Place top 10 three times with the referee and win the lap award. Another task is for the referee to defeat 10 opponents and get back her bling prize.

To get skins, you need to be level plus 60 until the judge reaches level plus 60.

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This is the information we can provide about referafriend.fortnite.com, the event fn.gg/raf that has just arrived in the game Fortnite. Hope it helps.

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