Cool Math Games For Kids – Looking for ways to help children while studying at home? Relax, directly download one of the following cool math games. It’s cool, fun, and makes kids like and this subject!

For many people, mathematics is one of the difficult subjects. It makes you dizzy, stressed, especially if you find questions that are difficult to do during an exam or test. But, for some others, math is a very fun lesson.

Let’s overcome laziness in mathematics by playing cool math games!

5 Cool Math Games For Kids

Luckily, there is now a large selection of games related to mathematics. You can find it and download it for free via the App Store or Play Store.


The game titled 2048 is an entertaining math puzzle game. In addition, this game is also quite famous and has been downloaded by many smartphone users.

In this game, you will be asked to move the ceramics and combine one ceramic with another. But, with a note, it should be ceramic with the same numbers.

Once combined, the numbers contained in the ceramics will be added. So, when you combine the number two, the result is four. Combining four, the result is eight. The results will continue to increase until you reach 2048.

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Khan Academy Kids

The second cool math game is a game called Khan Academy Kids. In fact, this is an educational game aimed at children. Therefore, this game does not only offer math games. But there is a wide selection of mini-games that are useful for sharpening children’s brains.

Several types that children can play such as writing games, language games, reading games, and problem-solving skills games. Yes, one application, but it has a variety of functions. It’s perfect to accompany your children who are forced to stay at home because they have to quarantine during a pandemic, right?

For the record, this game is available in English. This means that you must know basic English to play this game. Or, at least accompany the Little One when playing it. Let him not be confused!

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Math Games

The next math-related game is Math Games. Perhaps, there are those readers who don’t like his name. Too simple and less ‘wow’.

But, that simplicity is what this game offers. Starting from the interface to the gameplay, it has been designed to look simple. So, even children who are under 10 years old will not have any difficulties.

In this game, you are only asked to solve simple arithmetic questions. However, you must complete it within the specified time. The more questions you solve, the higher the score you get.


Math Land

If you are looking for a math brain teaser game for toddlers, you can download a game called Math Land. This game is designed with simple math with a pirate theme. This means that your toddler will certainly prefer to play because of the fun pictures.

Math Land tells the story of Ray’s adventures. This main character is tasked with finding gems that were lost due to the actions of an evil pirate named max.

By the developers, Ray’s adventures are divided into 25 difficulty levels. Each of them contains math problems that have been adjusted to the level of difficulty for kindergarten children. So, you can become a study companion when your baby starts to be active, right?


Math Master

cool math games for kids

Finally, it is a game called Math Master. As the name suggests, this is a math game for junior high school. This means that the questions offered are more difficult and have been adjusted to the needs of students at that level of education.

Developers have added a wide variety of math problems. Starting from the most basic ones such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Up to somewhat complicated ones such as equations, multiples, as well as memory exercises.

Unfortunately, the developers designed this smartphone game with a rather boring look. It contains only boxes, numbers, as well as navy blue. It’s that simple. As a result, children will get bored quickly and the game feels less fresh.

Even so, when it comes to the completeness of the material, the Math Master game is arguably the most complete compared to other titles. So, you can use this game application as a child’s friend in learning mathematics, right?


Final Word

Those were some cool math games that you can download. Each title is guaranteed to help you better understand every math problem you learn.

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